~You are alone...~

Stripes' eyes twitched as he slept.

~I would have thought you'd be alone much earlier...but you took the Stupid One in.~

"Tifa, put some coffee on the stove. I'm not awake yet."

Lucrecia's ghost hit Stripes on the head. ~WAKE UP, HEARTLESS BASTARD!~

Stripes just groaned and rolled over.

Frustrated, the ghost snarled and sat down on the couch.


Stripes groaned.

Lucrecia slipped her ice cold hand around his waist and ran her fingers down his right leg. ~Wake up...~

Stripes sat up with a start, finding in front of him a face he had come to loathe almost as much as his own. "YOU!"

Lucrecia's ghost drew itself up to look down at him from a high angle.~You think I would let you get away with coming back and ruining my love's life?~

Stripes blinked. He hadn't seen his wife in thirty-five years. Strangely was good to see her again. Despite her apparent lack of taste. "What makes you think I've come back for that filth?"

~How DARE you speak of the liberator of my soul in such a fashion?!~

"Because I've seen him recently and he's become a complete asshole. You let a nice-looking boy like him get popular and it goes to his head."

~No, not Vincent. Vincent is pure! Vincent is repentant! Vincent is--"

"Posing for teenie-bopper magazines and hanging over women who consider walking to the nearest streetcorner as their commute to work," Stripes said calmly.


"JENOVA has been purged," he lied.

~You POOR baby. That must mean that all your life's work accounts for...oh, NOTHING!~

"You can see that I lose sleep over that SO much."

~Oh, so you're trying to reform, are you? What a good little tin soldier you'll make.~

"What do you want with me, indecisive one?"

~We've warned Vincent about you, Aeris and I. Don't think you can win against the side of good!~

Hojo took off his sunglasses and stared his ex-ex-wife in the ghastly face. "Who ever said anything about being for or against anything?"

~Well, you've certainly given POOR little Tifa back a shining golden wire of confidence...for now. You false, false lair! Too noble to tell her what else you tattooed on her husband's shoulder? You're still lower than dirt.~

"At least I'm no longer buried in it."

~That's because you've sold your soul to your little JENOVA girlfriend for a new life.~

"I TOLD you, JENOVA is dead!"

~Oh, well...doesn't matter. Want to know something, 'Stripes'?~


~You've just sent your little girlfriend back into the arms of a rapist.~

Stripes stood up, looking away from her. "I know..."

~Hahaha...your self-loathing has done more than just yourself in! Ohh, I think I smell a child coming on! Do you have any leftover ancient parasites to feed this one to, Professor?~ she sneered his former title with distaste.

"It has to be done..."

~Hmph. So you play with your little harlot before you defile her yourself...~

Stripes narrowed his eyes. "You know love not. You know lust. That is all we both ever knew when we were alive, child..."

~Have you gone ALL your life calling everybody else a child?~

"Everything from when I hit 45 after, yes. You haven't been shown your life over and over for five years. You wouldn't have learned SQUAT from it because it was so damned short! All you ever cared about was me, once upon a time and that little mimbo!"

Lucrecia scowled and clawed at his face with her etherial hands. ~You so much as LOOK at Vincent the wrong way and I'll--~

Hojo stared at her angrily, feeling another sneer form across his lips. "Do. Your. Worst."

~Aha! So the reformed beast ISN'T too kind and gentle to fight back!~

Stripes swiped at her uselessly. "Will you leave me the Hell alone?!"

Lucrecia sneered. ~NEVER.~

"Even if it IS to save your pretty little fool?"

~I will protect him from any harm you may do to him.~

"I'm not the only person who can cause him harm, Lucrecia Hojo," Stripes noted with a smile, "and besides, I've changed my mind regarding him."

Lucrecia growled disgustedly and took a step back. ~Don't you call me that, you monster!~

"Why not? I was once as much a part of your life as he was."

~I am no part of you, Hojo!~

"Ah, yes, but aren't we all a part of all that we've touched?"

~I was never a part of you, Hojo,~ Lucrecia sneered imperiously.

"Don't you wish? Even now, I'm still a little part of Vinc- -"


"You can't go on seeing things in black and white if you're going to interact with the living, Lucrecia."

Lucrecia covered her ears. ~Don't spoil the only thing precious left to me!~

Stripes scowled. "If it makes you feel any better, my plans have changed for that accursed Turk."

Lucrecia looked up cluelessly.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten your precious Vincent Valentine! I never intended for his head to roll as a result of this ordeal." Stripes laughed.

~The head to roll will be yours if you so much as touch the father of my child!~

"You dare..."

~HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go ahead! Slap me, Hojo! Slap me! I've escaped you!~

Stripes punched the space Lucrecia's ghost occupied and his fist collided with the wall. "I see how you are now. I spoil the only thing precious left to you and you try to spoil the only thing precious left to me..."

~Anything to wipe that horrible, smug expression off your face, you rat. You so much as SAY that sacred name again and I will rip your heart out.~

Stripes disregarded her threat. "Regardless of his biological parentage, I did more part in raising Sephiroth than you or your adorable little boyfriend ever did, you little--"

Lucrecia yawned. ~Whine away, DEAR. You'll never get anything from me like that...except a smile at seeing you WRITHE!~

"You never saw him grow up to be as refined and strong, brutal in battle, polite and thoughtful in disposition. I taught him half the things he knew. I came to respect him and think of him as my own, even though he thought the dirt of me..."

~Half those things you taught him were LIES.~

"How would you feel if I told you you were a human experiment meant to boost corporate profits?! If anything, I did it to protect him!"

~And, as with everything else you do, it backfired on you, nearly costing the lives of every single person on this planet. Sephiroth could not and can not bring back your child.~

"Back then, I would not have and did not care. I don't think you've ever bore the pain of watching a little boy like him, whom you helped raise, brought him up to be respectable and respected, better than yourself, someone who deserved to live more than you did, roll his eyes back into his head and DIE before he even got to live--"

Lucrecia gasped and dissolved as someone opened the door.

"Stripes?" came a voice from downstairs.

Stripes growled, being cut off at such a crucial point. "Who is it?" he called down.

"It's Elena...E-elena Davenport. I don't think you know me...I-I'm Rude and Reno's friend."

"Just a moment...I'll be down in a sec." Stripes stumbled into the bathroom and wiped his face off, then grabbed his sunglasses from his room.

Elena stood there, shivering, obviously spooked. She waved timidly up at him as he came down the stairs.

"What can I help you with, young lady?" Stripes asked as jovially as he could. His acting was a little shabby at the moment.

"I-I-I've always wanted a phoenix on my back," she said timidly, looking at the floor.

Stripes clapped his hands together, trying his best to politely ignore Elena's mood. Whatever it was, he wasn't causing it and wasn't about to add to it. "Phoenix, huh? Are you sure you've got the money for it? They can run pretty high depending..."

"I have the money," she said entirely too quickly. "And I took off from work to have it done. I'm guessing it'll take a while to heal."

"Any particular style?"

Elena held up a drawing of what she wanted done.

Stripes blinked. He had never had a customer so prepared. "Who did this, may I ask?"

Elena smiled shyly. "I did."

Stripes smirked, impressed. The phoenix was beautiful - its head was craned upward and its wings were outstretched. Its tailfeathers curled at the ends. He opened his mouth to praise her, but was interrupted by Reno and Rude opening the door loudly.

"HELLO, STRYPIE-BABY!" Reno announced, completely slobbering, staggering drunk.

Rude was struggling to help him up and noticed his colleague. "Oh! Elena! What are you doing here?"

Elena jumped. "OH! N-nothing, just getting a tattoo, that's all."

The veteran Turk sensed her apprehension. "So that's why you took off? You want us to come up with you? From the looks of it, you might get bored with nobody here but Stripes to talk offense."

Stripes shook his head and held a hand up in friendly reply.

Elena smiled shyly. "Sure...but what about Reno? He's useless..."

Reno hiccuped and giggled.

"He'll make a nice room-ornament," Rude replied.

Stripes motioned to the stairs. "Shall we, then?"

Elena nodded and Stripes helped Rude carry Reno up the stairs. Stripes had been glad of the little time he had spent at the neighborhood gym Tifa managed to drag him to before she left: Reno was skinny, but quite heavy.

Elena got herself situated and Stripes did a few practice sketches on some spare paper. Reno was sat up against a messy bureau full of art supplies like a ragdoll and left to sober. Rude tried to think of something to say. Elena was still too spooked to think of anything.

I wonder why Elena's so scared? Rude thought.

"You three used to work for ShinRa, didn't you?" Stripes asked.

Rude nodded. "We're not supposed to be proud of it or anything, though. Cloud's orders. But I really don't give a sh--"

"Rude..." Elena censured.


"Do you remember Sephiroth at all?" Stripes asked.

"AH! Just the topic to piss the boss off! Yeah. Personally, too, I might add," Rude replied.

"All I remember was that he killed Tseng," Elena said glumly.

Rude shook his head. "That wasn't Sephiroth. That was one of the clones Jenova was using as a hand-puppet, thanks to Hojo. You never knew him BEFORE he died."

Stripes knew Lucrecia was still around. There was a pocket of cold air directly behind him. "What was he like before he died?"

Rude sat back and put his hands behind his gleaming, bald head. "Semi-quiet type. Reminds me of how Vincent used to be before he let popularity go to his head. Only, Sephiroth was kind of devious about his own teeming mass of fangirls. He knew everybody loved him, but he didn't indulge himself in it. He had a grand sense of humor on him. Kind of odd, having been raised chiefly by the Science Department. One would think that he would have turned out to be more secretive and stingy like Hojo was, but as Sephiroth himself once said, he had made sure that he was like anyone BUT Hojo."

Stripes smiled pseudo-politely in no one's general direction as he took a sharpie and began to ink in Elena's tattoo.

"Poor old decrepit little neurotic man...he pulled a few good ones on Seph a few times, though. One could tell he cared a great deal about his well-being despite the fact that Sephiroth always teased him and pulled his little 'jock authority' stunts on him all the time. I think maybe once or twice Sephiroth stopped calling him a moron and saw him as the head of about his dozen caretakers."

"Aww..." Elena said, "that's kinda sad."

"Even if he WAS a moron," Stripes interjected.

Rude put up a finger. "Moron he may have been in many things, but he was a very devoted moron. I think he liked to think of Sephiroth as his son. You should have seen him when Sephiroth died. Man, he was inconsolable for months. I don't think he ever quite got over it. Especially after the discovery of all the clones. He was never the easiest person to talk to in the first place. I was in the helicopter when they retrieved Sephiroth's body from the Nibelheim Reactor. He was having a terrible time trying not to cry. The man had very little dignity in the first place, but I think his line stopped at crying in public. Hojo only ever said one thing directly to me. I'll never forget it. He looked at me with his scary-ass, icy blue eyes and said: 'Children should never die before their parents do...don't you agree, Rude?' Man, I had no idea he even knew my name. I kinda nodded like a simpleton for a few seconds. Then...then it was like, he turned his head, closed his eyes to blink and when he opened them again, they were dead."

Stripes scratched his head innocently. "Huh?"

"You know! How people usually have this little glimmer in their eyes?" Rude crawled over to Reno and opened his eyes wide. "You see that cute little glimmer?"

The other two nodded in understanding.

"Well, that just know...disappeared from Hojo's eyes since then. It was like both him and Sephiroth died. Of course, people noticed Sephiroth more. But I says, 'im wot killed Seph, killed 'Ojo, too. And we all know now the ''im' wot killed Mr. Roth."

Stripes and Elena nodded.

"And I think Cloud knows that. That's why he's still scared of Hojo even though he's actually dead now. Jenova can do some pretty wonky things. If she reanimated Sephiroth, just think of what she would to to bring her precious little follower back to life."

Stripes laughed out loud. "What a buncha horse-hockey!"

Rude nodded. "Yeah. Sometimes I wish ShinRa was still around. That way we wouldn't have to put up with Cloud's constant paranoia."

Elena nodded. "You know what I heard?"

Rude turned his head to face Elena and arched his eyebrows in interest. "She SPEAKS!"

"I heard...that when Tifa was gone, Cloud got even worse. He gave up showering and--"

"Is this going to be another one of your hygenal sermons?" Rude interjected.

"Shuttup! And, well, with no one around to satisfy know...urges...I heard...I heard..."

"Spit it out, man!" Reno drooled.

"I heard he raped Yuffie Kisaragi!"

Stripes blinked.

"The secretary?" Rude asked, agog.

"Better you than her, wot?" Reno guffawed, not knowing that he was suffering from a drunken case of dyslexia on top of his foul joke.

"That's not funny, Reno," Elena glowered.

Reno blinked and looked at them innocently. "What? Oh...I...I'm drunk...don't listen to me," he said, slumping down to go to sleep.

"I had a son once...well...almost had a son," Stripes said, trying to restore the mood to the room.

"Oh, really, Stripes?" Elena asked, "What was his name?"

Stripes sighed. "His name would have been Timothy."

"What do you mean, almost had a son?" Rude asked.

"My wife aborted our son without me knowing about it. I can't help but wonder what he may have become," he said sadly, looking up.

The pocket of cold air beside Stripes dissipated.


Stripes worked through the night, and finished at daybreak.

Elena stood up and showed her tattoo off to the drowzy eyes of the dozing Rude uselessly and got redressed after Stripes bandaged it. He stated the normal cautionary procedures of taking care of herself while the tattoo set in, and Reno and Rude were woken up and dragged down to the lobby. Elena signed her name in Stripes' book: 21.

"Ah...einundzwanzig...I've got a pretty fair collection of people here now, don't you agree, Elena?" Stripes remarked with a wink. Behind his sunglasses, Elena could see the movement of his eye, but not the color or shape of it. She giggled girlishly. Rude broke from his drowsy spell and looked at Stripes for a moment. Wearing sunglasses himself, Rude couldn't see Stripes' eyes, either. Neither of them dared remove their eyewear. Rude blinked, changing modes of thought and put his hand up.

"Good day to you, Stripes. Get some rest!"

"Yes, I think we all could use a little of that. Take care of Elena," the tattoo artist replied.

Elena hugged Stripes and Stripes put his hand on Elena's head in a fatherly manner as Reno and Rude made their exit. Then they were all gone.

Stripes dragged himself up the stairs with a smile on his face. He never thought that he'd ever grow to like the Turks. Maybe...maybe they weren't all bad. Having a grudge against one person from a particular group of people did not neccesarily have to mean that you had to damn the entire group. Stripes sighed and stopped halfway up the stairs, reflecting on how much more he had learned in his short new life than he had in his previous long one. was not the time to bring that up again. He didn't want Lucrecia back in his head, picking at his thoughts like a vulture.

Stripes stretched and yawned, yanking his way up the steep townhouse stairs. A slightly familiar tune invaded his mind...

"And now I'm all alone again, no one to turn, no one go one to somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' say hello to..." Stripes leaned against the doorframe of his bedroom and thought a while. "Where was that from...? I can't familiar. ...Da dee dee dada deedee dada dee dee dada with the company I'm keeping... The city goes to bed, and I can live inside my head..." Stripes snapped his fingers in triumph and opened his CD player. The disk had been in there since before he had arrived and had long since lost its partner. Stripes took his finger and picked what remained of his soundtrack to Les Miserables up with it, twirled it around for a moment and took a look at it. The song he had been trying to remember was 'On My Own.' Stripes thought for a moment, trying to recall the rest of the song up.

It was sung by a female character...a girl...a girl compensating for her unrequited love of a boy by pretending he walked alone at night with her. A girl...who died coming back from a favor she had done for the boy who did not love her...delivering a letter to the girl he loved.

Stripes blinked and took off his sunglasses to rub his eyes. What was her name, this valiant youth? Stripes pondered, and then it came to him: "Eponine!"

Hearing himself say her name evoked in Stripes a strong pang of guilt as he remembered her exact situation. He himself had been in it. Only...he had reacted much to be the antipathy of Eponine. He had hurt...he had killed...she had swallowed her grief and stayed true to her friend. How could he have said her name? The guilt set in again.

Stripes slumped down and put his hand over his eyes. "Dammit, I don't want to think about this right now..."


In another part of the city, Vincent Valentine laid on his bed, staring straight up at the ceiling. His recent encounters with Lucrecia had thrown him back to memories of a time gone by, when people were kind, when everyone was soft, and inviting...then came the time...when it all went wrong. He fell in love with the girl of his dreams. She was smart, respectable, and somehow naive. She was also married and about a week pregnant to a man who was fastly losing interest in her due to some stupid experiment he and she and some other geek were performing. He had shown her many things, taken her many places, opened her eyes to a world outside of science. Little did he know that he had also inadvertantly manipulated her into having an abortion of the baby she had by her husband. Nobody had really known she was pregnant but her. Hojo had become too wrapped up in his work to even notice. He couldn't believe it...and he never found out about it until after he had helped somewhat to replace the life he had helped to extinguish. That was agony.

A good little boy like him...
Instigating an abortion!
He had to apologize...

Vincent had always had a knack for waking people up from their various kinds of sleep...physical sleep...naievity, far, it had done him nothing but good until he dragged Hojo out of his work for a moment and had the sheer audacity to try and apologize. Apologizing also had broken the news to the man about his wife's unfaithfulness. They had been married about half a year. The match hadn't been made in Heaven...but not exactly in Hell, either. They were both young and had no idea what they thought they were doing. For all their equations, methods and memorized charts and the like, scientists were extremely stupid people when it came down to things that really mattered.

Hojo failed to see any side of the story other than his own.

Lucrecia concocted the excuse of Hojo's unhealthy attachment to Jenova to drive her to me.

They bickered and argued for months.

Hojo was ready to kill Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

Lucrecia was ready to kill Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

Jenova was ready to kill Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

The Turks were ready to kill Jenova if she killed Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

Professor Gast would get President ShinRa to fire the Turks if they killed Jenova if she killed Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

The Turks would get the coal miners to revolt against Mako production if Professor Gast got President ShinRa to fire the Turks if they killed Jenova if she killed Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

President ShinRa would rake up his weapons department to blow the coal miners out of the sky if the Turks got the coal miners to complain about Mako if Professor Gast got President ShinRa to fire the Turks if they killed Jenova if she killed Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

The survivors of the ShinRa gun would rally the people to take down ShinRa if he fired on the coal miners if they complained against Mako if President ShinRa to fire the Turks if they killed Jenova if she killed Lucrecia if she killed Hojo if he killed Vincent for having an affair with Lucrecia.

He didn't know why they swallowed the fly.

He guessed they'd die.

The couple built up their childish argument until it became a joke. The world fought a war between them, nations rose and fell because Vincent had an afair with Lucrecia, aliens decended, chocobos gave birth, and the continents drifted until origin of what had started this imaginary society was forgotten. One can only make up so many verses to a song one sings the last part over and over again before they begin to leave out things.

Their relations mended for a time and thus, Vincent left for a while, dejected. Hojo had won this duel. And with the threat gone, he began to get back to his work.

Also, with the threat gone, he no longer strove to protect Lucrecia against any territory-invading suitors. Not before long, Vincent and Lucrecia were together again.

Then came the announcement: there was to be an experiment performed on the baby Lucrecia carried in her womb. She ran crying to Vincent, and Vincent went storming mad to Hojo. But this time, the now half-cracked Hojo was not in the mood to argue up another imaginary world war. He just up and shot him when he returned. Lucrecia couldn't fulfill her oath and kill Hojo for doing so: she had just gone into labor.

As one life ebbed, another began to replace it.

Or so Vincent had thought.

Hojo had not ended his life. Hojo had prolonged his life. He woke him up, showed him what remained of Lucrecia and shoved him in that stuffy coffin for thirty years to think about it.

"See this?" Hojo had said, "You are responsible for it!"

Think...that was the worst possible thing Hojo could have done with him. How dare he make him think after instilling a key element of self-loathing? It was torture. To be locked in a room for thirty years with the one person in the world he hated the most: himself.

Thirty years.

He had ended up killing the thing he loved the most. And had started a life only for it to be mangled anyway.

Then it happened:

Drunken, older, but not much wiser, even more cracked than before, Hojo declared that he himself was the sire of Sephiroth. Could Lucrecia have lied to him about that abortion she said she had? was Hojo himself that experimented on his own child...all his fault...Vincent was not to blame...could it be? Could the shackles finally be lifted off of Vincent and transferred to their rightful wearer?

Vincent passed by a mirror one day, after all the things with Meteor and Sephiroth and Jenova were gone. He stopped, turned his head and looked in it. For the first time, he didn't turn his head in disgust. Instead, he said: "Vincent okay guy."

Time passed.
He began to forget Lucrecia, Hojo, Sephiroth, the whole crooked deal.
He took a much wanted, and possibly much needed, break from thinking.
Vincent began to stop in the mirror more often.
Vincent was a decent guy.
Vincent was a good guy.
Vincent was a very good guy.
Vincent was a very handsome guy.
Vincent was a damn saxy man.
Vincent was king of the world and deserved the best of everything!
Five years.

He could have gone on like that forever, serving some paltry time as Cloud's bodyguard.

Who was Cloud again?

Oh, yeah. He killed Sephiroth. HOJO'S kid. Ha ha ha.

But then came Lucrecia four nights ago, opening up old wounds to bleed as brightly as they did the first time. Why had she lied to him about the abortion? Had she even lied at all? Hojo was drunk and dying when he said Sephiroth was his son...Vincent had had considerably more drinking time on his hands to know that when one is drunk, one's thinking becomes clouded. He also remembered the sensation of dying. Everything spinning around him, flashing before him, didn't make very much sense. Could he go on Hojo's word based on his condition then? Given Hojo's character in the first place, could he even trust him at all? Trust Hojo? Never...

So that must have meant...that he WAS responsible for all the hardships that had occured.

Vincent shook his head and covered his ears. "NO! No more thinking!"

The girl in bed next to him stirred in her sleep, but didn't wake up.

He was too used to life the way he had it now. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't go back to brooding all by himself. He had duties and a job to keep up on. He was the leader of the Turks. The squealing mass of fangirls who still saw him as being brooding were a nice touch, as well.

Vincent got out of bed and fiddled with his massive collection of CDs. Most of them were sent to him by avid fans, even though he hardly even touched them after they had been given to him. They figured he was brooding, so it was all right with them.

Vincent shrugged and pulled out a white, double CD case with a scribble of a little least, he thought it was a girl, etched in front of a French flag on the cover.

Classical music? he wondered. Most of his fans may have been dumb, but not all of them lacked some kind of good taste. That was why they liked him, wasn't it?

Vincent eenie-meenie-miney-moed his way to picking a CD and loaded it into the stereo, pressing a random track.


Stripes had been leaned up against the foot of his bed for nearly four hours listening to his measly snippit of Les Mis. He was beginning to project nearly every song to some aspect of his life, as well as remember the lyrics well enough to sing along in his pitiful excuse for tenor...or was he baritone? He couldn't tell. He knew diddly squat about music. But he did know that he couldn't sing bass. He sang just a little lower, and with slightly less finesse, than Tom Servo, and Tom Servo couldn't sing that low, so he figured he wasn't a bass. His voice still reeked of WASPy pomp, despite the fact that he hadn't slept in at least 48 hours.

Stripes cleared his throat as the next song came on...

"'Castle on a Cloud,' national escapist anthem..."


Vincent had been listening to his random track on infinate repeat since he put it in. The girl he was with, he didn't even remember her name, got weirded out and ran home about three hours ago. Vincent didn't notice. He was too busy projecting, and singing, of course, in his boy-band pitched voice that made girls squeal when he went to karaoke concerts...

"There is a castle on a cloud..."
"There is a castle on a cloud..."

"I like to go there in my sleep."
"I like to go there in my sleep."

"Aren't any floors for me to sweep..."
"Aren't any floors for me to sweep..."

"Not in my castle on a cloud."
"Not in my castle on a cloud."

"There is a room that's full of toys..."
"There is a room that's full of toys..."

"There are a hundred boys and girls."
"There are a hundred boys and girls."

"Nobody shouts or talks too loud..."
"Nobody shouts or talks too loud..."

"Not in my castle on a cloud."
"Not in my castle on a cloud."

"There is a la-dy all in whi-ite..."
"Ooooooo-ooh oo oooooooo-ooh oo..."
"Aaaaaaa-aah ah aaaaaaaa-aah ah..."
"Holds me and siings a lul-lu-by."
"Hoooooooooolds meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
"[ rest ] a lullaBY!"
"She's nice to see and she's soft to touch..."
"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh hooo hooo..."
"She's nice to see and she's soft to touch..."
"She says..."
"She says..."

"'I love you very much!'"
"'I love you very mu~ch!'"
"'I hate you very much.'"

"I know a place where no one's lost..."
"I know a place where no one's lost..."

"I know a place where no one cries..."
"I know a place where no one cries..."

"Crying at all is not allowed..."
"Crying at all is not allowed..."

"Not on my castle on a cloud."
"Not on my castle on a cloud."

Chapter 8